Alyssa Kokilah

Alyssa Kokilah
Events & PR Executive for Zouk Management Pte Ltd
Wearing a gorgeous vintage dress from Australia


not that cruel


The weather seems to be so much more cool these few days. Just came back from a press conference for Olay and the venue was just gorgeous! (check out the website man – Will upload pictures on that soon. Plus I played with this machine that showed me my dark spots deep within my skin. Will blog about that on Cherry Magazine soon. My friends from church are streaming in for dinner. Every friday there’s cell group for me which is like a mini gathering where we have fun fellowship and bible study. This week’s at my house and alternate weeks at william’s place and there’s always GOOD FOOD thanks to my mom. chow time!

vlog episode 2 preview


Working mad hard on the video for tomorrow’s CMTV weekly. Other then this morning’s awesome post on the Effendy sisters, the video is all I’ve been working on today. It’s not like top notch but I know I’ll improve and each episode will get better!! Thank you for all your encouraging comments and useful feedback. Suffering from shoulder ache and tongue-tiedness (if there’s such a thing) now.Tomorrow, it’s up early shoot a little bit more, publish and I’ve got to head out for appointments! So I guess it’s goodnite for now (: Check back tomorrow for the video, fingers crossed that there’ll be no uploading problems.

beautiful morning


What a gorgeous morning! The breeze is cool and the sun rays warming (: I just realized that I’ve never referred to the sun beams as rays or even refer to them at all because usually they are just described as hot and humid. But today’s just lovely! Yesterday sel and I went to catch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past it’s quite a sweet show with many tear-jerking and touching moments. I’m not sure if guys will appreciate it, maybe. But the “practical person” in me says that it’s so unrealistic. How many times have 3 ghosts appear to a “bad boy” and changed him? Well…Oh then we went to get some new stock for Uniiko Vintage and will be shooting them today! So excited about that (: Back to school ideas here I come!

church camp three times (i)

DSC04402 copy

boys + jocelyn + me going to the firing range

DSC04358 copy

girls posing on the first day at the beach enjoying the gorgeous scenary just at the door step

DSC04363 copy

The trip to Bintan was AMAZING (: We had so much fun together as a big group of friends. It’s like waking up every morning to having a big family of brothers and sisters! Coupled with gorgeous beach. But hey, even though the food wasn’t fantastic — quoting Niki “It’s not the food that matters, it’s the company.” Spot on charlie ‘ol chap. But we did miss some of our friends who coulnd’t make it to the trip and wished they could be around.


of course, there are more pictures to come